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Bannaga College (BC) has been designed to offer the international students experience. The Campus and learning technology used are installed to put the students into the high education standards known internationally.

In order to support the infrastructure above noted, BC made itself a promise to provide the best academic staff available in the country with best qualifications. All our academic staff have gained all or part of their high education in UK, U.S or EU. We believe the academic staff should have the opportunity to project their own experience and openness they had during their study period to the students. This condition also helps to support the research and innovation of our students and create great communications between the professors and students

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Block No. 471, Mamoun Behairy St. (63rd street) - West of Afra Mall, East of Elnasr Complex.


Tel: +249 154 870764 -  +249 154 870765


Khartoum – Sudan