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Bannaga Academic Excellence Scholarship 2018 - 2019

Bannaga College Announces limited opportunities of 5 Years Bachelor degree full scholarship program for the following engineering disciplines:

  1. Architecture
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Applying to the scholarship can be through the college email also applicants can come directly to college building.

Enquiries Contact Numbers are: +249 154 870764 / +249 154 870765 / +249 154 872312

About The Academic Excellence Scholarship


The scholarship targeting applicants with exceptional academic records to give them the opportunity for unique higher education entrance. To campaign for and promote the interests of young people who have financial difficulties to continue their studies. In addition, to create platform for applicants who are talented with specific subjects to improve their talent. The tuition fees will be covered for them throughout their study period and they will be awarded special achievement certificate after graduation as a recognition of their attainment. The college will continue sharing this opportunity with stakeholders and introduce its vision to build partnerships and attract all sides interested in contributing in this scholarship.

Selection Criteria:

Selection is made by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS based on the following priorities:

  1. Achieve the minimum academic requirement of acceptance into Bannaga College
  2. level of motivation
  3. English Language level
  4. personal academic performance
  5. demonstration of additional needs which are related to the individual’s disability
  6. Must be a Sudanese nationality.
  7. Fresh high school graduates are favorable


Scholarship obligations:

Applicants will be obliged to sign the following conditions:

  1. Commit to the core values of the College as mention in the regulations.
  2. Maintain a GPA grade of two or more at the final year exam.
  3. Not violate any of the provisions of the college regulations.
  4. The scholarship covers just five years, however, it does not cover any repetition if student fail to pass


How to find us:




Block No. 471, Mamoun Behairy St. (63rd street) - West of Afra Mall, East of Elnasr Complex.


Tel: +249 154 870764 -  +249 154 870765


Khartoum – Sudan