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The college offering four programmes in the Engineering field which are Architecture, Civil engineering and the Electrical and Electronics engineering in addition to the Management Programme. Length of engineering programmes are five years consists of ten terms each academic year has two terms, and the teaching system depends on the Credit hours’ system The completion award of this five years’ programmes is Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree, they provide highly skilled graduates with the ability to serve and develop the local community and be able to participate positively in national and international projects.

The Management Sciences courses are offered in eight semesters over a period of four years. The academic year includes two semesters. The student is awarded a bachelor's degree in honor of the administrative sciences in the relevant specialization after completion of the credit hours of the program (148) credit hours and achieving the cumulative average required according to the academic regulations of the college.

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Block No. 471, Mamoun Behairy St. (63rd street) - West of Afra Mall, East of Elnasr Complex.


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Khartoum – Sudan