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Examination Hall Conduct

Examination Hall Conduct

This page contains general information on College Examination Hall Procedures. It is applicable to all venues, including the Extra Time Venue and Central Computer Venue.

If you submit an appeal after the exams in relation to your academic performance, or are involved in an allegation of academic misconduct, it will be assumed that you were aware of the information on this page. It is therefore important that you take the time to read carefully the following regulation:

  1. Candidates shall be at the examination room 10 minutes before the exact time for commencement of the examination.
  2. Any candidate sitting an examination must display his/her identity card during the examination periods.
  3. Candidates shall be admitted up to 30 minutes after the start of your examination but late candidates shall not be allowed extra time. Candidates arriving more than 30 minutes late shall not be admitted to the examination room.
  4. No candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination room before the elapse of half an hour from the start or the last 15 minutes of the examination.
  5. Any candidate who leaves the examination place shall not be re-admitted unless throughout the period of his/her absence, he/she has been continuously under the observation of an invigilator or a responsible member of staff.
  6. It is an offence of academic misconduct to bring prohibited materials into an examination venue.  When entering the hall, please check carefully to ensure you have no revision notes or other materials on your person.  This includes any notes written on your body or other objects, such as pencil cases or dictionaries.  Blank paper is also prohibited – if you wish to make any rough notes during the examination, you must do this in the answer booklet provided. If you inadvertently bring prohibited material into an Examination Hall you should IMMEDIATELY alert an Invigilator.
  7. A candidate must not, directly or indirectly, give or receive assistance to or from any other candidate, or permit any other candidate to copy from or otherwise use his/her papers.
  8. Candidates shall follow carefully the instructions on the front cover of the answer book.
  9. Except where authorized, candidates shall not remove any papers, used or unused, from the examination room.
  10. Candidates shall not write on any paper other than the answer book.
  11. Candidates shall not remove any paper from the examination answer book.
  12. Candidates shall stop writing and gather their answer books in an orderly manner when instructed to do so by the invigilator; candidates shall hand the answer books to the invigilator.
  13. Examination papers must not be removed from the Examination Hall under any circumstances, you must leave the paper on your desk. Removing an examination paper from the Examination Hall could constitute Academic Misconduct.
  14. Candidates are not allowed to smoke, take snuff chew or request any refreshment other than fresh water.
  15. No candidate shall leave his/her seat without permission and all candidates shall be silent except when asking the invigilator or the examiner.
  16. If the Academic Board is convinced that a candidate has committed a breach of one or more of these examination regulations, then that candidate shall be deemed to have committed an offense.
  17. When the Invigilators tell you that you may enter the examination venue, leave any coats, bags and other prohibited items in the area designated by the Invigilators and find your seat IN SILENCE.
  18. ALL MOBILE PHONES ARE BANNED FROM EXAMINATION HALLS. You will be charged with academic misconduct if you are found to be in possession of a mobile phone in an examination venue. If you have valid reasons for bringing a mobile phone with you to an exam (eg. for contact in an emergency before or after the exam), the phone MUST BE SWITCHED OFF and left where the invigilators direct. All devices capable of storing data, sending or receiving communications and/or connecting to the internet are banned from the examination venues unless otherwise specified in the question paper rubric. If you are found to be in possession of a mobile phone or other device during an examination, you will be charged with academic misconduct, even if you are not using the device. If you are wearing an ordinary digital watch, please ensure that it will not make any noise during the course of the examination.
  19. You are allowed to use scientific calculator in relative exams (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics). Calculator must be shown to invigilator before exam starts.
  20. If, after entering the Examination Hall, you do not feel well enough to start/continue your exam, you should alert an invigilator immediately
  21. In order to ensure that all complaints regarding the management and invigilation of exam halls are dealt with effectively, please report any problems to the temporary Examinations Office in the main exam venue immediately after the examination concerned.

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