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Bachelor Program of Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

This program provides a comprehensive background in electrical engineering, while offering significant flexibility in the areas pursued in depth through elective modules, coursework and research projects. The course aims to provide a highly skilled graduates with the ability to serve and develop the local community and be able participate positively in national and international projects. The Program has been divided into three disciplines:

  1. Communications, Computer & Electronics
  2. Power Systems
  3. Computer Engineering


Foundation Year Modules

Term one:

Calculus I - Linear Algebra - Physics I - Chemistry I - Computer Application - Arabic Language I - Sudanese Studies

Term two:

Calculus II - Engineering Statistics   - Physics II - Chemistry II - Principal of Computer Programming - Islamic Culture I - English Language

Second Year Modules

Term one:

Engineering drawing I - Engineering Mathematics I - Introduction to Communications Engineering - Introduction to Computer Engineering - Introduction to Electrical Engineering - Digital Systems Design - Laboratory and - Presentation Skills I - Arabic language II - Islamic Studies II

Term two:

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing - Engineering Mathematics II - Semiconductor Physics and Devices - Introduction to Circuits and Fields - Intro. to Material Science - Introduction to Electronic Engineering - Laboratory and Presentation Skills II - English Language II - Thermodynamics

Third year Modules

Term one:

Signal Processing and Control Engineering - Power Supply Electronics - Software Engineering Design - Mathematical Techniques for Electrical and Electronic Engineers - Electronic Construction Project – Electromagnetic - Complex Variables

Term two:

Telecommunications - Electronic Engineering - Professional Skills for Electrical & Electronic Engineers - Electrical Engineering Design Project - Numerical Methods and Contextual Electrical and Electronic Engineering Mathematics - Database Systems - Engineering Statistics II

Fourth year Modules

Term one:

Analogue Electronic Circuits I - Control Systems Design - Electronic Design - Microprocessor and Assembly Language - Object Oriented Java Programming - Engineering Economics - Communication Systems I

Term two:

Electrical Machines - Analogue Electronic Circuits II - Operating Systems - Business Planning for Engineers - Microcomputer Systems Design - Electromagnetic Theory & Applications - Elective Group (A) from the required discipline

Fifth year Modules

Term one:

Final Year Project I - Elective Group A - Elective Group A - Elective Group A - Elective Group A - Elective Group B

Term two:

Final Year Project II - Elective Group B - Elective Group B - Elective Group B - Elective Group B - Elective Group C or D


Elective Modules

Discipline: Electronics & Communication systems

Term oneTerm TwoGroup A modulesGroup B modules- Power Systems Analysis I- High Voltage Engineering- Power Systems Protection- Dispersed Generation- Measuring Instruments (Transducers)- Power Systems Analysis II- Power Networks- Power Electronic Design  - Automation of Power Stations- Security Technology- Operation of Power Systems- Electrical machines Dynamics- Reliability of Power Systems- Embedded Mechatronic Control- Energy Conversion for- Motor and Generator Drives 


Discipline: Power Systems

Term oneTerm TwoGroup A modulesGroup B modules- Communication Systems II- IT Infrastructure- Fields Waves and Antennas- Digital Communications- VLSI Design- Switching and Data Networks- Wireless Communications- Microwave Circuits and Devices- Digital Microelectronics- Telecommunication Electronics - Power Electronics- Microwave Communications- Digital Video Communication Systems- Digital Image Processing- Fiber Optics Communication Systems- Radio Frequency Circuits Engineering- Analogue Filters- Advanced Microprocessors Architecture- Internet Technologies and Protocols- Security Technology 


Discipline: Computer Engineering

Term oneTerm TwoGroup A modulesGroup B modules- Software Engineering I- Computers Networks- Engineering Techniques for Computer 
- Multimedia Technology and Applications- Parallel Computing- Digital Audio Technology- Software Engineering II- Data Structures and Algorithms 
- Network and System Administration- Neural Network and Fuzzy Systems- Fault Tolerance Computing- Human-Computer Interaction- Internet Technologies- Telecommunications Software Design- AI and Expert Systems- Algorithms and Discrete Optimization- Security Technology


Non-technical Elective Modules


Term oneTerm TwoGroup C modulesGroup D modules- Environmental Engineering- Project Management- Enterprise Information Systems- Quality and Management Systems- Superconductivity and Its Applications- Nanotechnology- Special Relativity in Optics- Advanced Topics in Quantum Electronics- Computational Electromagnetics- Graph Theory 

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