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Bachelor Program of Science in Architecture

The Architecture program provides a highly skilled graduates with the ability to serve and develop the local community and be able participate positively in national and international projects. The course is primarily based upon project work, some of it analytical, that engages with innovative problem solving and which grows in complexity as the course develops. Project work is supported by lectures in Environmental Science, Structures and Construction and Humanities.


Foundation Year Modules

Term one:

Calculus I - Linear Algebra - Physics I - General Engineering & Design - Sudanese Studies - Computer Application- Arabic Language I - Architectural Design Studio 0A

Term two:

Calculus II - English Language I - Physics II - Islamic culture I – Algebra - Architectural Design Studio OB - Principal of Computer Programming.


Second Year Modules

Term one:

Theory of Architecture 1A - Building Tectonics 1A - History of Architecture 1A - Architectural Design Studio 1A - People, Buildings and Landscape - Computer Aided Design.

Term two:

Theory of Architecture 1B - Building Tectonics 1B - History of Architecture 1B -  Architectural Design Studio 1B - Environmental Science for Architects 1


Third year Modules

Term one:

Theory of Architecture 2A - Building Tectonics 2A - Architectural Design Studio 2A – Environmental Science for Architects 2

Term two:

Theory of Architecture 2B - Architectural Design Studio 2B - History of Architecture II - Building Tectonics 2B


Fourth year Modules

Term one:

History of Architecture III; Theories in Contemporary Architecture - Theory of Architecture 3 A - Architectural Design Studio 3A - Architectural Language and Spatial Narratives - Landscape design: meaning and making - Sustainable Technology and Low Carbon Buildings - Acoustics and Lighting

Term two:

Theory of Architecture 3 B - Architectural Design Studio 3 B - Practice and Management


Fifth year Modules

Term one:

Pre-research Internship - Research methodology

Term two:

Graduation thesis

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